Shamanism Medicine Wheel Email Reading
Jessica Caracciolo

Shamanism Medicine Wheel Email Reading

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Are you looking for a reading that connects you with your true self, Mother Nature and the universe all in one? Are you looking to find out more about your journey in this life? All of our lives are connected and this reading will serve to help you see your journey more clearly as it connects your “self” with your spirit, the universe and nature herself.

This reading:

  • is answered via email
  •  approx. 1,200-2,200 words typed
  • is done using channeling, automatic writing, interpreting many cards (oracle and/or tarot and as many as you need in the moment). Essentially, this reading is the one that utilizes many avenues for receiving guidance. I channel information first, then I will draw and interpret Shamanism Medicine cards and then if you have questions, I will answer them. The cards will be drawn in a specific Shamanic Medicine Wheel spread and interpreted accordingly to help you with your journey.
  • This reading is done by channeling information from Shamans Medicine Spirits and Guides and using Shamanic and Medicine centered oracle/tarot cards.
  • on average this type of reading ends up 1.5-2.5 pages long; single spaced
  • comes with with 4 questions that you can ask to have answered as part of your reading
  • this reading is already a Specialty Reading.
  • will be emailed to you once it is complete.
  • always comes with a MS Word Document and PDF
  • never expires – so you can buy it now and use it later
  • is transferable with your permission – so you can buy it and then give it to someone else to use

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