Pets & Animals: Email Reading
Jessica Caracciolo

Pets & Animals: Email Reading

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Pets Email Reading:

​Are you curious to see what channeled information would come through pertaining to your pet (living or passed)? Are you interested to see what cards come out for them as well? Do you have a few questions that you are wanting an intuitive answer for pertaining to your pet (living or passed)? Do you want a reading that is simple, short and sweet? Then this email reading is for you.


​This reading:

  • is a minimum of 1/2 page typed single spaced.
  • is done using channeling, automatic writing, interpreting many cards. Essentially, this reading is the one that utilizes many avenues for receiving guidance. I channel information first, then I will intuitively choose a deck (you can specify which type of deck during checkout if you want), draw and interpret the cards and then if you have questions, I will answer them. This reading is only about pets.
  • comes with with 3 questions pertaining to your pet(s) – living or passed – that you can ask to have answered as part of your reading

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