Shamanic - Past, Present, Future
Jessica Caracciolo

Shamanic - Past, Present, Future

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Are you looking for some validation on the Past and Present but also looking for a little support pertaining to the Future? This 3 Card Email Reading is specifically to gain insight and validation with regards to your Past and Present and give you some insight into your Future.

This reading:

  • is a minimum of 1/2 page typed single spaced
  • is done using channeling, automatic writing, interpreting 3 cards. Essentially, this reading is the one that utilizes many avenues for receiving guidance. I draw and interpret Shamanism oracle cards and then if you have questions, I will answer them. The cards will be drawn in a specific Shamanic Past, Present, Future spread and interpreted accordingly to help you with your journey.
  • This reading is done by channeling information from Shamans Medicine Spirits and Guides and using Shamanic and Medicine centered oracle/tarot cards.
  • comes with with 1 question that you can ask to have answered as part of your reading

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