Sacred Shaman Medicine Email Reading (not a health reading)
Jessica Caracciolo

Sacred Shaman Medicine Email Reading (not a health reading)

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I am connecting strongly to Shaman's and Animal Spirits, Totems and other Native beings right now.


In light of this I am offering you a Sacred Shaman Medicine Email Reading. This reading is NOT a health Reading. It is not the same as a Medical Intuitive Email Reading. 


A Shaman Medicine Reading is one that utilizes Shamanic Oracle Cards, Animal Spirit Totem Cards and the like and is one where I connect with Shaman spirits and spirits of the land and earth to provide you guidance and support.


The term "Medicine" in the Reading description is more about help, guidance, support and healing. When we enlist the Medicine of an Animal Spirit - for example: Wolf Medicine - we enlist the help and guidance of that Animal Spirit in our lives.


What can you expect from this reading? This is an email reading that will be around 1-2 pages long. You will have Shamanic, Animal Spirit, or Totem cards drawn and interpreted for you. The information will be what you need to know in this present moment about your life.


This reading may include some psychic insight (foresight into your life) and may have other spirits come through (like loved ones passed) but it isn't solely that type of reading. This is about connecting to the earth, spirits, animals and Shaman's to bring you information about your life and guidance to help you flow in the direction you are meant to go in.


The info:

  • This reading will be a minimum of 1.5 pages typed, single spaced.
  • This reading comes with up to 4 questions. You may ask 4 questions pertaining to the subjects of your choice (life, health, money, finances, career, jobs, love, relationships, moving, location, life purpose and more.)
  • This reading will use Shamanic Medicine Cards as part of your reading

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