Life Path Basic Email Reading (Path Check)
Jessica Caracciolo

Life Path Basic Email Reading (Path Check)

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We all are on a journey to create the life our spirit/soul wants us to. Sometimes we feel “off track” and sometimes we are just unsure of how things are going. It is always nice to know if we are on the right track or on the right path. But they are different. Our “Path” is our spirits energy through time (past, present and future). Our “Tracks” are the directions we choose for ourselves and our life that lead to us feeling we are either on or off track. For example: One day you may meet up with old friends and that is your track, but then you decide to have coffee while you are out with them (there is another track where you meet up with them but don’t have coffee or maybe tea. There is another track where you don’t meet up with them at all but you do something else instead.) The choices you made were to go out with them and have coffee. Those are the tracks you chose (there are other tracks that were possible but you chose those ones). And every decision you make will then continue building the blocks of your souls journey (or path). Think of tracks like forks in our roads but each decision we make and follow ends up the brick that lays the foundation of our overall journey/path. A path is something that is always in progress and it is always moving forward (it also has imprints from the past that we can see too) and tracks help us lay the bricks to complete the road we are walking on. If we don’t make decisions or do anything at all or if we are “stuck”, then we stagnate and we don’t really move much. And so we need to start deciding things so we can continue moving.

​​This quick Path Check was created to give you a quick answer “Yes” you are on the right path and doing well or “No” something doesn’t feel quite right (with some quick tips to help you become realigned and rebalanced with your true self). You will also get 1 card drawn and interpreted for you to help you as you move forward on your path and journey.

This reading:

  • on average this type of reading ends up, up to 0.5 page long; single spaced
  • comes with with 0 questions that you can ask to have answered as part of your reading

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