Past Life Email Reading
Jessica Caracciolo

Past Life Email Reading

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Are you interested in Past Lives? How about your own Past Lives? I believe our soul/spirit has had incarnations prior to the life we are living on this earth. And through energy (your aura) I can channel information of what some of your past lives were. I can also see if any situations, circumstances, fears, phobias, thoughts, concerns and the like correlate at all to your past lives. Please make sure to ask/mention them in your questions section or email to me after purchase.

This reading:

  • is a minimum of 1.5 pages typed single spaced.
  • is done using channeling, automatic writing, (rarely will this reading come with cards), and the intuitive answering of your questions/concerns.
  • comes with with 4 questions that you can ask to have answered as part of your reading.
  • Questions must pertain to past lives or how past lives may be influencing your life now.

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