3 Card Spread + 1 Wisdom Card via Email
Jessica Caracciolo

3 Card Spread + 1 Wisdom Card via Email

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Get a 3 card spread + 1 wisdom card done by me (Jessica). I will choose a card deck for you using my intuition or you can choose. Only 1 card deck will be used during this reading. All 3 cards in the spread will come from the same deck.

You will also get to choose (or you can have me choose) 1 additional deck to provide you with 1 wisdom card. A wisdom card is a card that gives you a source of wisdom - an affirmation, a mantra, a mudra, a prayer, a piece of advice, etc. that you can use to enhance your life.

What is a card spread? Cards are drawn for you and placed in a line (side by side) or in a specific shape depending on what messages you need or the type of spread being done. Please see examples of spreads in the pictures.

The 3 card spread includes:

  • a picture of the card spread

  • 3 cards, drawn intuitively for you, from one deck

  • 1 additional wisdom card

  • an intuitive interpretation of the card spread (I will intuitively analyze your card spread and give you a short write up about it) emailed to you as a PDF.

  • you may ask for this 3 card spread to touch base on any of the following: Love & Relationships, Family, Life (general), Career/Jobs, Moving/Location, and more. Please select which one you want during purchasing.

  • this reading does not come with any questions. This reading is meant to “see what comes out” and gives you what you NEED to know pertaining to your life in general, or an area of life you specified, or a specific area your guides felt I needed to focus on for you.


  • After a reading has been purchased and the reading has been completed and sent to you - you may email me with a request for clarification. Clarification is my helping you make sense of information given to you during the reading. I will only be reiterating what came out during your reading but worded differently to make it easier to understand. Only one (1) clarification email will be followed up on. Questions about the reading and how they pertain to other areas of your life are considered additional readings.

Please read and acknowledge before purchasing:

  • All sales of readings are final.

  • No refunds or returns will be given for any reason after a reading has been done.

  • By purchasing you agree to all terms of service, disclaimers, and privacy policies.

  • Please do not ask questions pertaining to: death, COVID-19 (coronavirus), legal matters, lottery, medical issues, games of chance, and the like.

  • If I feel you are a threat to yourself or someone else; I reserve the right to notify your local authorities.

  • I reserve the right to deny service(s) to anyone for any reason. In the event I deny you service(s), you will receive a full refund.

  • Readings and services from me (Jess) are for entertainment purposes only. You have free will to do whatever you want in life. Also energy often changes - so something that pertained to you one day, may not pertain to you the next. It is important to be flowish and keep an open mind and an open heart to the lessons we receive from spirit, the universe, our guides and positive deities, and ourselves.

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