Reading Wait Times

**Special October 31st Offering. In light of The Day of the Dead, a holiday I hold dear, I am offering a limited number of readings to get done on Saturday Oct 31. These must be bought before 12:00pm noon Eastern (Boston, MA) time. Purchases made after noon will likely get cancelled and refunded. This offer overrides the normal wait time below. After Oct 31, the wait time goes back to normal. Read more below. I have a very limited number of offerings for this day. Check them out here.


Starting October 18, 2020 the wait time to receive a reading will be longer than normal. As my schedule changes throughout the next several weeks and months; the wait time for readings will likely grow.

Readings will be put in a queue for completion on a first come first serve basis. (As they are bought.)

You must purchase your service in advance to be placed in the queue and have the service completed.

If you have questions, please email me.

Reading wait time as of 10/18/2020: 5-14 days

There is a very small chance readings will get done sooner than that.

Refund policy is the same as usual. 

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